Sunday, January 22, 2012


August was just a busy month. A lot of doctor appointments, Mckenly starting Preschool, Jasen starting speech therapy, Calvin's Baby Blessing and growing up.

Doctors appointments are not to fun when it is taking Mckenly and Jasen to the Dentist for the first time. Wish I would have taken Mckenly when she was younger, so she could get familiar with it. But instead little miss stage fright. She screamed the whole time the Doc looked in her mouth. That was fun and to find out she had five cavities and the only way to fill them was to put her under. That was sad for me, my princess in pain. I don't like that. But she did very well that day and filled them and cleaned them. So hope for next appointment won't be as bad. lol Hope. Jason's teeth were great. He cried a little but was good afterwards.

For Jasen's Speech Therapy, his Doctor thought it would be a good idea to have him tested to where he stood on learning our language. It was a good thing we did. He need some help. He is having a hard time in his expressing vocabulary. He doesn't talk and express his thoughts, feelings, and wants. He had about 11 words he would use. Our next step in helping our little man was over the next six months was to teach him new words, imitate and produce two word phrases. Also use the appropriate sounds in all word positions. We are working with Kids on the Move and they are wonderful. I know this will improve his talking. I am so grateful for this program. I will post updates. :)

Calvin is a little piggy, always eating and sleeping and also crying. I am hoping that one day the crying will be over. One day.

He was not a big fan of tummy time. But it is very important. So we did it often. And when he was about 5 weeks he was lifting his head. So cute!

Days later Gregory Blessed Calvin. It was a great event I am so grateful for all the family support we have. It was a great day. Calvin cried a little but I don't mind well worth it. And Greg did a great job.

So I thought this would be fun, I want to compare the kids in their special moment. Here is Mckenly Jo and here shoes

Jasen Gregory

And last Calvin James

They are such cuties, and most definitively siblings.

The kids were excited, Amber (sis in-law) had invited us to go to the Petting Farm at Thanksgiving Point. They got to see the animails, play with fam stuff, go on a hay ride, and ride the horses.

On August 23rd Mckenly started Preschool. She and also Mommy was thrilled. She looked so cute!

My birthday was great, (I don't remember what we did. Sorry) But it was exciting to go to Stake Conference with my parents to hear my mom called into her new calling as, Orem Park Stake Young Womens Leader. I was so excited. Overwhelmed with feelings of joy. I love you Mom!!

Wow what a month.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Wow July was a busy pack month. New baby, birthdays, anniversary, Greg going to Scout Camp, and holidays with the family.
This was Calvin's first 4th of July. It was a busy day for us all. Probably did to much. I was hurting the end of the day. But it is what I love to do. First we tried to get to the parade in Provo (next year we will for sure make it) we just missed it, so we went to the booths in downtown Provo. My favorite part, but it wasn't as good. Not sure if it was due to me not up to myself or that there was a crazy amount of people. So we walked around and eat lunch then went home for a couple of hours. Then we went to my Parents' house to set some fireworks off. The kids loved it. It was worth the rain we had.

We had fun with the sparklers! Hehe... could you tell? Then we got the big ones out.

Here is all of us, it was a little cold, but good. At this moment it wasn't raining. Here are our fire starters. Lol

Here are the oo's and ahh's of the night.

That was our Fourth and we all really enjoyed it.

Jasen and Calvin were buds from the beginning. When Calvin is older I might be just a little worried. They are so cute together. They are Bros all the way.

Now that we have had a new addition to our little family. We got the chance to get new family photos taken. Super cute I love them so much. Here is all of them, but here are some. :)

Calvin was a little stinker. He was having a hard time at this new life. Just a couple weeks old and Calvin had to get his tongue clipped he was tongue tied. Poor thing I am just glad we had it taken care of when he was young. Since he was tongue tied he had a difficult time nursing so we had to fix that. But my little man just would cry and cry. In September I finally got him on anti reflex medicine and it worked, wish we could had done it from the start. I wonder how he would have been then. But I love him, he is teaching me patience. I need lots of patience.Well since it was summer time we spent a lot of time out side. I am so grateful for our backyard. I could just sit on my back patio and watch the kids play. They loved it.

The next couple of weeks was super busy. Greg and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary. He is the love of my life. My other half, I love everything about him. When he doesn't know it I could be caught staring at him. Not sure What I would do with out him. I told me not to get me anything and he got me this.

The following week Greg got the chance to attend Scout Camp with his Scout from our ward. I have some photos I need to get them on the computer first. He had a great time, but I was glad when he got home. While he was gone Jasen turned 2 years old. I couldn't not do something for him on his day so we made a cake, sung to him and let him open some presents.

His Cake!! He just couldn't stay away from it.

One day when I can figure out how to upload a video I will post it, until then Jasen was having a ball by licking his cake.

When Greg got home the following Sunday we celebrated Jasen's birthday with the rest of the family. He got lucky. He was just smile after smile while opening his presents. Thank you for all that came.

The present that he loved the most was Mr. Cow that Uncle Ty and Aunt Melissa gave him. He takes it everywhere with him.

He really enjoyed his birthday. I am glad. Next month we will be blessing Calvin and celebrating my birthday. Glad to share those experiences.